Hooloop VR Souvenir_W.png

VR Goggles + VR Tour. Two Great Gifts in One Box.


The box unfolds into VR goggles. Through the goggles, you can choose your destination and teleport to fascinating attractions on virtual maps.


In virtual maps, there are about twenty attractions of Taipei, including Taipei 101, Dihua Street, Ximending, Yongkang Street Area, Longshan Temple, The North Gate, Xiahai Chenghuang Temple and more. Get ready to go on a magic carpet ride through the many beautiful hot spots.


Easy to Use

  • Open the package, remove the protective film from the lenses and unfold the box into VR Goggles

  • Scan the QR code

  • Download and launch the VR Explorer APP

  • Enter the password or proceed with purchase

  • Press the VR icon to switch the viewing mode and place your phone into the VR Goggles.

  • Ensure the phone is securely placed in the viewer and start the ride!









Details & Specs

  • The VR Souvenir box includes VR goggles X1, Password X1

  • The box dimensions are: length 15.7 cm, width 9.6 cm, height 6.2 cm.

  • Works with most 4-inch to 6-inch smartphones.

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

  • Easy assembly, lets you enjoy virtual reality in seconds.

  • VR Explorer Apps with attractions are available on Google Play and the Apple App store.


  • VR Explorer for iPhone requires iOS 10.3 or later. VR Explorer for Android phone requires Android 7.0 or later.

  • The phone used with VR Explorer must have at least 2GB RAM or higher.

  • For the best VR viewing experience, please make sure your phone has a gyroscope sensor.

  • Please make sure your iPhone has logged into Game Center before opening VR Explorer.

  • Please make sure your Android phone has the latest version of Google Play Games App installed before you open VR Explorer.

  • Before using VR Goggles, please make sure to remove the protective film from the VR Goggles lenses.

Product Safety Information

  • Ensure that the phone is securely placed in the viewer and cannot easily slide out.

  • Take frequent breaks while using VR Goggles. If you experience nausea, discomfort, eye strain, or disorientation, immediately discontinue using VR Goggles.

  • If moving around while using VR Goggles, ensure that the area around you is clear of obstructions.

  • VR Goggles should not be used by children without adult supervision.

  • This product is not water-resistant. It is made out of paper materials. Please keep away from water or fire.