VR Goggle + VR Tour

Two Great Gifts in One Box

This box unfolds into a VR Goggle that takes you on a magic carpet ride through cities, taking in all of the iconic sites, minus the traffic.

Would you like to experience it?

How to use







  • VR Explorer for iPhone requires iOS 10.3 or later. VR Explorer for Android phone requires Android 7.0 or later.

  • The phone used with VR Explorer must have at least 2GB RAM or higher.

  • For the best VR viewing experience, please make sure your phone has a gyroscope sensor.

  • Please make sure your iPhone has logged into Game Center before opening VR Explorer.

  • Please make sure your Android phone has the latest version of Google Play Games App installed before you open VR Explorer.

  • Before using VR Goggles, please make sure to remove the protective film from the lenses.

Product Safety Information

  • Ensure that the phone is securely placed in the viewer and cannot easily slide out.

  • Take frequent breaks while using VR Goggles. If you experience nausea, discomfort, eye strain, or disorientation, immediately discontinue using VR Goggles.

  • If moving around while using VR Goggles, ensure that the area around you is clear of obstructions.

  • VR Goggles should not be used by children without adult supervision.

  • This product is not water-resistant. It is made out of paper materials. Please keep away from water or fire.