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Whenever tourists arrive in a new city, they always go to the concierge and ask if there are any recommended restaurants or attractions nearby. How can you quickly service the different needs of tourists and at the same time give them the confidence to explore the city?

Concierge Plus can clearly display the route of your guest's unique itinerary in their native language and lets them transfer the directions to their phone. It guides your guests seamlessly to top sights and brings them back to the hotel, so they can proceed with confidence and return safely at the end of their adventure.

Any recommendations for a cool restaurant nearby?

This is the single most asked question of any hotel guest. Until today, it is usually followed by crowding around an unfolded map and marking it up with notes and directions. With Concierge Plus, all the nearby recommended restaurants are beautifully presented on the expansive high-resolution touchscreen.

Can You show me how to get there?

Concierge Plus is awesome at visualizing the path to recommended destinations clearly. It can even precisely estimate the required time and distance. The really cool feature is the ability to pass the information to your guest’s phone, so it can direct them to their selected locations even if they have no internet connection outside the hotel. Concierge Plus is like a virtual concierge walking alongside your guests on their mini adventure.

I’ve got a couple of hours to kill, can you recommend some nearby attractions?​

The art of arranging a custom itinerary for any guest is a truly challenging task. After all, everyone has different likes and amount of time for their trip. It may take half an hour just to introduce the various options. With Concierge Plus preset routes, hotels can recommend their guests the ultimate trip based on their interests and time allotted. They can start their adventure as soon as they scan the QR code on the screen.

Any recommendation for a must see or must buy?

Every time tourists arrive in a new city, they are excited to try local delicacies and want to purchase renowned local products. Concierge Plus can present not only the store information and directions but also exclusive deals to make your guests feel like VIPs. No hotel should miss out on this chance to generate extra revenue.

Bonjour. Français?

Concierge Plus supports multiple languages, so you can introduce nearby information in the native tongue of your guests, and let them feel truly at ease.

At Hooloop, we believe that providing really exceptional service should remain the top priority of hotels. It also presents a great opportunity. After all - the guest is always right.

Hooloop Concierge Plus can help you to…

Present your recommendations in a truly impactful way on the large high-resolution touchscreen.

Instantly create a personalized itinerary in the language your guests are familiar with.

Seamlessly transfer the itinerary and discounts to the guest’s phone and let them bring it with them.

Give your guests directions both online and offline just as if a virtual concierge was walking alongside your guests.

Use data analysis to accurately understand the preferences of tourists.

Show your guests all the latest information at any moment through an easy to use interface.

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